Smart Subway on its way


From Saturday 29 June, prices for Subway multi-journey tickets are to be revised in-line with the introduction of new Smartcard technology.

The current 10 and 20 journey tickets will be replaced by seven day and 28-day tickets costing £12 and £45.

An interim smart ticket will have a chip inside which will be compatible with the new ‘paddle-style’ automatic gates being rolled out and existing turnstile barrier system in the Subway.

New ticket technology will enable the cash value of a journey deducted from a Smartcard, which can then be topped up.

A spokesperson for SPT said: “SPT is introducing smart technology into the Subway, which includes installing new ticket machines, ticket office equipment and modern gates.

“The result will mean faster, easier journeys for customers and fewer queues at ticket offices.

“There will be a phased introduction of new Smartcard products to complement the modern technology and new ticket types will replace old-style 10 and 20 Journey tickets as a result.

“We believe this will offer better value for money as customers can use these new season tickets to travel on the Subway any time, any day and as many times as they’d like while their ticket is valid.”

SPT’s plans for a Smart Subway